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Chinese NGO Delegation Participated in the 16th World Aids Conference (2006.09.13-18)

13th-18th August, the 16th International AIDS Conference was held in Toronto, Canada. The Conference was organized by the International AIDS Society and the Organizing Committee of the Toronto Conference, and co-sponsored by UNAIDS, the Global Network of People Living with HIV/AIDS, the International Community of Women Living with HIV/AIDS, the International Council of AIDS Service Organization etc. with a theme on ¡°Time to Deliver¡±, and aiming at popularizing knowledge of and preventive measures against HIV/AIDS and strengthening scientific researches in this regard, the Conference was designed for participants to have thorough discussions on the newest progress made in research on the HIV virus, and AIDS related policies and methodologies and to share experiences in HIV/AIDS treatment, nursing of patients, and disease prevention, as well as in social mobilization and care for people living with HIV/AIDS. The Toronto Conference was attended by over 24,000 people including medical specialists, social activists, government officials, NGO representatives, people living with HIV/AIDS and journalists from more than 170 countries and regions.


Some 70 people from China participated in the Conference. Among them are those representing major organizations like the China Population Communication Centre, the Red Cross Society of China, the China Family Planning Association, the China Association of STD & AIDS Prevention and Control, the Chinese Foundation for Prevention of STD and AIDS, the Hong Kong AIDS Foundation, and from CNIE; representatives from the Mangrove Support Group of Beijing, the Ark of Love of Beijing, the Aids of Love (Ai Zhi Yuanzhu) of Shenyang Municipality and the Positive Art Workshop of Beijing; and also a number of medical specialists, people living with HIV/AIDS and workers from different local disease control agencies under the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. The Chinese NGO delegations engaged themselves in an extensive array of activities during the Conference where they organized a big-scaled forum, mounted exhibition stands, held 11 small-scale workshops and put up 3 art performances. Their activities received wide and serious attention from other participants of various sectors. The Brochure on Chinese NGOs¡¯ Fight against AIDS compiled by CNIE was commended by relevant professional organizations.

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