Forum Progress
The Asia-Europe People’s Forum 7 will be held on October 13-15, 2008 in Beijing, China.
With the theme of “For Social and Ecological Justice ”, AEPF 7 is dedicated to increasing understanding and solidarity between the peoples of Asia and Europe and to promoting harmony, peace and development of the two regions.
As organizers of AEPF 7, we are inviting civil society in Asia and Europe to attend the Forum and share with us your ideas and experiences.
Beijing is a dynamic modern city with a long history, and October is the best season in the year. People wishing to come are kindly advised to follow our website for the updated information.
We look forward to meeting you in Beijing.
National Organizing Committee of AEPF 7
International Organizing Committee of AEPF 7
Asia-Europe People's Forum 7 Beijing, China-October, 2008.